Scalable Cluster Solutions for Genome Sequencing


High Performance and High Throughput, Scalable Cluster Solutions for Next Generation Sequencing

Life Sciences HPC White Paper

High-throughput genome sequencing, or next-generation genome sequencing (NGS), is being driven by the high demand for low-cost sequencing. NGS parallelizes the sequencing process, producing thousands or millions of sequences at once.

Using building blocks described in this paper, high throughput, unified, scalable storage solutions are available based on the requirements of the workload and data flows for a multitude of high performance compute environments. These building blocks help Raid Inc provide the industry’s lowest price-to-performance ratio.

RAID Inc. provides a full range of NGS-tuned hardware for all types of NGS work that is both scalable and optimized for various NGS software. We have scalable cluster solutions for extreme compute-intensive work with large memory and i/o bandwidth requirements.

With additional overhead of reference genome storage/access and type of analysis to be done, there is a requirement for cost- effective, high performance and high-throughput clusters and storage to handle these tasks.

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