HPC Scalable Storage Solution

High Performance, Unified, Scalable Storage

An HPC White Paper

This paper presents RAID Inc,’s unified, scalable storage solution. It incorporates and illustrates features of the unified storage model, including replication for disaster recovery, high availability and failover. Several configuration options are presented, each of which are scalable and can be configured for specific high-throughput storage requirements and applications within the high performance computing framework and architecture. In every case covered, in addition to delivering sustained performance and scalability, the solution provides the building blocks for the HPC industry’s lowest price-to-performance offerings.

HPC Benefits covered in the white paper:

  • Provides the HPC industry’s lowest price-to-performance ratio and is powered by IBM’s General Parallel File System™ (GPFS).
  • Unified storage consolidates file and block-based access in a single storage platform and supports various SAN and network topologies.
  • Simultaneously enables storage of file data, handles the block-based I/O and file system journaling.
  • cost-effective, scalable storage solution that provides virtually any performance that customers can want with ease of administration and maintenance.
  • Easily configurable for a variety of applications that demand either performance in IOPs or bandwidth.
  • Capabilities include provisioning of parallel file systems, file exports (NFS/CIFS/GFS), clustered NFS, replication, snapshots, RAID, volume copy, a single global namespace and information lifecycle management (ILM) functions.

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