White Paper - Scalable High Throughput NAS Solutions

This paper presents RAID Inc.'s next-generation enterprise level scalable high throughput architecture based on PCIe SSD’s and GPFS. PCIe SSD’s offers the lowest latency, highest throughput interface for applications running on host CPU to take direct advantage of NAND Flash.

As high-performance computing systems continue to scale, the demands placed on the file system continue to increase. As the computational systems have increased in parallelism, so too have the file systems which support them. GPFS, a parallel file system used in large scale HPC deployments, now can leverage the power of the fastest storage available – PCIe SSD’s.

Benefits covered in this paper for Raid Inc.’s solution using IBM‘s GPFS and Fusion–IO PCIe SSD:

  • High availability and resiliency
  • High performance and scalability
  • Economical entry and incremental growth
  • Compatibility with NFS clients

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